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Services for the Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries


The art and craft of translation may be turned to any account, but in principle it is a noble and truth seeking profession, reflecting true statements or life-enhancing images through another language in another culture.
              - Peter Newmark


Enotria Translations provides translations for physicians, pharmaceutical  laboratories, hospitals, researchers, scientists, inventors and patent attorneys.

Our linguists who specialize in medical and pharmaceutical translations have demonstrated experience in technical terminology and in presenting clear and accurate translations to meet our clients’ exacting standards.


· Patient Consent Forms

· Instructions For Use

· Packing and Labeling

· Clinical Trial Protocols

· Adverse Event Reporting

· Patents

· Scientific Articles

· Consumer Promotional Materials

· Patient Reported Outcomes

· Dentistry

· Biostatistics

· Cardiology

For more information, email: medical@enotriatranslations.com



Rigorous attention to detail and scientific precision are demanded by our clients and provided by our team..



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