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Translation Process and Planning Suggestions


In order to expedite receiving a quote and beginning the translation  process, please consider the following reminders:


Please consider what your translations needs are:
Are you submitting this to a governmental agency?
Does your document constitute a legal submission?
Have you checked the requirements of the governmental agency or court you
are submitting the translation to?
Who is your target audience?
Submit an electronic copy of your document

So that we may quickly review it and provide an accurate quote based on word count.
What are your turn around requirements?
Leave time for proper translating and reviewing.
Provide full text, including any images or diagrams, to your translator
to ensure proper context, even if requesting a translation of only an
excerpt of the text.

Avoid sending only lists of words.
Establish a long term rapport with your translator

Give feedback so as to improve the work.





Contact Us For A

Free Quote


Please E-mail or Fax us your document.




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