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Enotria Translations is a specialized translation company, providing certified translations from French, Chinese, Croatian, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. We also provide cultural and localization services worldwide.
Founded by attorneys who share over thirty years of legal and financial translating experience, Enotria Translations is dedicated to working closely with clients in all industries to provide accurate and timely translations which reflect the tone, style, and specific terminology employed in the original document. Enotria Translations is based in New York City, where over 150 languages and dialects are spoken.

The linguists at Enotria Translations greatly enjoy what the do and look forward to working with you.  When you work with Enotria Translations, you choose a strong, reliable partner to grow and expand with into the future.


Why Choose Enotria Translations...

A Reliable Partner

Translation has become a necessity in today's world of global trade and e-commerce. Enotria Translations is a reliable partner in meeting these evolving challenges. Facilitating our clients’ efforts to communicate and succeed in the global arena is our priority.


Enotria Translations unites traditional rigorous semantic and etymological understanding with modern technology to seamlessly transpose a text’s nuance and character from one language to another.

Competitive pricing

Enotria Translations’ standards of excellence enable us to provide high quality service for each client, coupled with competitive rates to fit within budget constraints. We specialize in completing projects on time to meet even the strictest deadlines. The firm enjoys establishing lasting relationships built on trust, superior service, and confidentiality.


Enotria Translations appreciates its clients' concerns regarding confidentiality and security. All translations and associated documentation remain confidential. Our translators have confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements in place at all times. Enotria Translations considers and treats as confidential any and all information received in contemplation of retention of our services regardless of whether we are retained.




Certified Translations
Legal Translation
Commercial Translation
Corporate Translation
Medical Translation
Proofreading & Editing
Revision & Certification of Existing Translations
Technical Translation



Enotria Translations’ translators access the most specialized dictionaries and treatises and work in teams with a project manager to ensure sector specific terms are accurately rendered.


Enotria Translations LLC

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